Worldview 3.0: Live Out the Biblical Worldview, Create the Kingdom Culture

“The way we see the world can change the world” This course will follow Chuck Colson’s book to Learn about the biblical worldview and how to live in a way that is consistent with it.

Date: 7/7/2021-8/13/2021 12 sessions, 6 weeks

Time: Every Wed. and Fri. 2 pm-3:30 pm EST美東/ 1 pm-2:30 pm CST美中/11 am-12:30 pm PST美西  

Location: Zoom

Target: High School, College student and adult.

Class Content:

“The way we see the world can change the world.” In this course we will follow Chuck Colson’s book to learn about the biblical worldview and how to live lives consistent with it. Included are:

  • How to recognize wrong worldviews and values in our contemporary culture;
  • How to live more fulfilled lives in the way God has planned for us;
  • How to understand the thoughts of unbelievers so that we can preach the gospel more effectively; how to share our faith in a way which is positive and which attracts our potential audience;
  • How to fulfill the cultural mandate that God has planned for mankind.

Registration Link:

Class Method:

     Introduction to key historical figures, lecture, breakout room discussion, main room Q&A.

Certificate Requirements:

  1. Attend at least 9 online sessions live and makeup all missed sessions by watching the video recordings.
  2. Finish reading the textbook.
  3. Pass the final exam.
  4. Submit a one-page reflection on the material at the end of the 12 sessions.

Instructor: Pastor Lenny Cheng

Born and raised as a Christian in Taiwan, Pastor Lenny Cheng came to American and worked for many years in New York City as a computer engineer in the financial industry.  In 2007 he went to study at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for the M. Div. degree. In 2010 Pastor Lenny became the English Ministry pastor of Harvest Church of New York which he had co-founded in 2001. In 2020 he started the Trumpeter Ministry to teach the Biblical Worldview and to promote Homeschooling. Pastor Lenny and wife Linda have four grown up daughters whom they homeschooled from K-12.

 DatesChapters ThemeCharacter introduction
17/7Intro. Chap. 1-2,   基督教是一種世界觀
Christianity Is a Worldview
Charles Colson
27/9Chap. 3-4當今之挑戰  The Battle of the AgeJustin Martyr
   創造 Creation 
37/14Chap. 5-10我們從哪裡來 ?
Where Did We Come From?
Charles Darwin  
47/16Chap. 11-14我們是誰? Who Are We?William Wilberforce
   墮落The Fall 
57/21Chap. 15-21這世界出了什麼差錯?
What Has Gone Wrong With the World?
Francis Schaeffer
67/23Chap. 22-29真正的救贖Real RedemptionAugustine
   復原 Restoration 
77/28Chap. 32-33家庭: 我們開始的地方
Family: where we start
Jonathan Edwards
87/30Chap 34教育: 我們被塑造的地方
Education: where we are shaped     
John Calvin  
98/4Chap. 35-37;39政府:我們治理的地方
Government: where we govern
Abraham Kuyper
108/6Chap. 38商界:我們工作的地方
Business: where we work
Marin Luther
118/11Chap 40-44藝術與娛樂:我們慶祝的地方
Arts & Entertainment: where we celebrate
Johann Sebastian Bach
128/13Chap. 30-31;45教會:我們受裝備和差派的地方
Church: where we are equipped and sent out     
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
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