Family Worship – the Best Children Sunday School

約書亞記 24:15 至於我和我家,我們必定事奉耶和華。

Joshua 24:15 But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

通常,基督徒父母會“尋找shop”提供“最好的兒童主日學”的教會。 實際上,父母是兒童主日學最重要,且最有效的老師! 當父母,尤其是父親帶領導家庭崇拜,比主日學的老師或牆上掛著“基督是我家之主”的匾額“大聲”多了。 在此20分鐘的視頻,我向父母講解(中文)如何進行簡單的家庭崇拜。 崇拜不僅發生在教堂內部。 實際上,更重要的是應該從我們的家中開始。 上帝正在使用COVID-19重申這一原則。 如果我們的孩子在周日早晨發現很難登上網參加崇拜,那麼如何指望他們會去教堂崇拜。 讓我們敬拜神從全家在家裡敬拜開始!

Very often Christian parents “shop” for the church which provides the best children’s Sunday School program. Actually we parents are the most important and the most effective Sunday School teachers! Parents, especially fathers, leading the family in worship speak much “louder” than a Sunday School teacher or a plaque hanging on a wall which declares that “Christ is the Head of this House”. In this video I demonstrate for parents how to lead a simple family worship. Worship does not only occur inside a church building; it actually more importantly should start in our homes. God is using COVID-19 to re-affirm this principle. If our children find it difficult to log onto a computer for worship on Sunday mornings, it will be hard to expect them to go out to a church building to worship. We can start by worshiping God as a family in our homes!

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