Saving the Next Gen. Strategies Seminar




(Grace 姐妹記實, Jedidiah 照相, Prince 指標海報)

On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Pastor Lenny Cheng “sounded the trumpet” at the “Saving the Next Gen Strategies Seminar” which took in Walnut, CA. Approximately 80 pastors, church leaders, and youth/children’s ministry leaders from the East District of Los Angeles gathered at this event, hosted by East Region Los Angeles Chinese Ministerial Association, West Cost Six AM Prayer Group, and Trumpeter Ministries. Vineyard of Hope Church (VOH) provided the site and logistics support.

    The content of this seminar was “The Battle of the Age” and “Church Strategies”. Pastor Lenny hopes to mobilize all churches to join the battle to save the next generation. By recognizing secularism, the focus on social justice, and the false promise of salvation through gender diversity, he called for the establishment of a biblical worldview, revival of the family, and the reclaiming of our children’s education. In the Q and A session, pastors responded strongly to the urgency of a biblically-based education for the next generation, including homeschooling. Many pastors expressed that their churches would continue to encourage and to support homeschooling and to train soldiers of Christ for the Kingdom of God.

This event was the first symposium of Trumpeter Ministries for pastors and church leaders; it is a milestone in our ministry for the Kingdom of God. May the Spirit of God work to shake up God’s people and the church, to mobilize everyone to fight for the next generation in the Kingdom of God during these last days!

(Reported by Grace)

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