Leviticus – The Holiness of God

Key verse (to memorize) Leviticus 19:2 “Be holy because I, the LORD your God, am holy.”

Key Events and persons:

1. Levites and Priests                                 2. Offerings and Feasts

Leviticus means: pertaining to the Levites

The structure:

Chapter 1-10Sacrifice: The way to God
Chapter 11-27Sanctification: The walk with God

Key words:

Holy: 90 times                               Sanctify: 17 times

The Lord said to Moses: 25 times [about 90% of Leviticus is the direct speech of God]

Q: Who were the Levites and priests?

Ans: Exodus 6:14 Jacob — Levi — Gershon, Kohath, Merari

                                                               |______ Aaron, Moses

                                                                                 |________ Nadab, Abihu Priests (Ex 28:1)

God appointed the rest of the Levites to the service of the tabernacle, to assist the priests in the worship at the sanctuary (Num 3:5-10).

Types of Sacrifices:

A. The sweet savory offerings: Sacrifices for those in fellowship with God: Voluntary

   – The right way to say “thank you” to God for his blessings

1. Burnt offering: (1:9)     2. Grain offering: (2:1)      3. Peace/fellowship offering: (3:1)

B. Unsweet savory offerings: Sacrifices to restore fellowship; dealt with guilt  Required

4. Sin offering:  (4:3)        5. Guilt offering: (5:15)

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