Worldview 1.0 Lesson 4: Life Worth Living

“我在肯(Ken)手術後的第二天早上說的是真的:’我受過訓練以照顧病人和受傷者,而上帝將決定誰存活或死亡。 對於像肯·麥加迪(Ken McGarity)這樣具有勇氣和信心的人,上帝可以在最荒涼的環境中創造奇蹟。”

“What I had said the morning after Ken’s surgery was true: ‘I was trained to care for the sick and wounded and God will decide who lives or dies.’ But the day of our reunion I knew it was true in the depths of my being. God can work miracles in the most desolate of circumstances for those who, like Ken McGarity, have courage and faith.”

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