Homeschool Opening Ceremony

來自美國各州和國外的20幾個委身在家教育的家庭(大多是第ㄧ次在家教育)及許多觀禮的家庭8/29參加了豐收家庭教育中心所舉辦的第一屆線上在家教育開學禮. 豐收靈糧堂主任牧師蕭慕道牧師特別蒞臨勉勵, 各個家庭自我介紹和分享代禱事項, 典禮後並有許多的分享交流.

On August 29, more than 20 homeschooling families from various states and from abroad (mostly first time homeschoolers) and many other observers participated in the first Homeschool Opening Ceremony held online by the Harvest Family Education Center. Pastor Mudao Xiao, the Senior Pastor of Harvest Church of NY, shared words of encouragement (with English translation), followed by each homeschooling family introducing themselves and sharing prayer requests and by a time of Q & A.

啟航在家教育 Q&A
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