Psalm 143:8 Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

詩篇 143:8 求你使我清晨得聽你慈愛的聲音, 因我倚靠你;求你使我知道當走的路,因我的心仰望你。

What is the first thing we do in the morning? Most of us check our cell phones for emails, messages, texts, etc. David was in distress and trouble, but he was determined in the morning to be reassured of God’s steadfast love. There are more than 200 occurrences of the Hebrew word for “steadfast love” in the Bible: Chesed  or Hesed (Hebrew: חֶסֶד). Hesed is the primary aspect of God’s nature. It is a love of commitment and is a covenantal love. The reason God’s love never leaves us nor forsakes us is that it is a Hesed . Hesed is also a love with action: “In your steadfast love [Hesed] you will cut off my enemies.” (v. 12) Because God’s Hesed, He will defeat our enemies. The first thing in the morning, let us hear and experience God’s Hesed! Then let us ask God to “make [us] know the way [we] should go.” One of the “blessings” which has come out of COVID-19 has been for me to have daily morning exercises with many youth. Together, we hear God’s Hesed and know the way He wants us to go! Let us not exercise only to benefit our physical health but also and more importantly to benefit our spiritual health. We can achieve this doing our daily morning “exercise”!

早上起床後我們做的第一件事是什麼?大多數人都在手機上查看電子郵件,新聞或短信等。大衛身處在困難和麻煩中,但他仍下定決心“清晨得聽「神」慈愛的聲音”。“慈愛”(Chesed or Hesed)(希伯來語:חֶסֶד)在聖經中出現200多次。Hesed是神主要的本質。這是ㄧ種承諾的愛,也是盟約的愛。上帝的愛永遠不會離開我們,也不會拋棄我們的原因是,這就是Hesed。Hesed也是愛的行動:“憑你的慈愛剪除我的仇敵。” (第12節)因為神的Hesed 祂會”剪除我們的仇敵“ 早晨的第一件事,讓我們聽到並體驗神的Hesed!然後讓我們求上帝“使我知道當走的路”。 COVID-19帶來的”好處”之一是讓我每天與許多年輕人一起進行早操。每天清晨我們一起聽神的Hesed,並求神使我們知道要走的路!我們不僅做身體的運動健身,而且更重要的是做屬靈的運動來增進於靈性健康。讓我們每天做”早操”來實現這一目標!

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