Job 28:12 “But where shall wisdom be found? And where is the place of understanding? 13: Man does not know its worth, and it is not found in the land of the living… 28 And he said to man,‘Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to turn away from evil is understanding.’”

約伯記 28:12 「然而,智慧何處可尋?聰明之地在哪裏?13 智慧的價值無人能知,活人之地也無處可尋。… 28 他對人說:『看哪,敬畏主就是智慧;遠離惡事就是聰明。』

According to an ancient Chinese saying, “The house containing books of knowledge is a house of gold.” This idea has greatly influenced Chinese, resulting in their pursuit of knowledge because it can be a means to material success. But the Hebrew people focused more on wisdom, because “wisdom is the right use of knowledge.” (Charles Spurgeon). Wisdom cannot be gained by being mined (28:1-12) , I.e. going to a top university; neither can it be bought (28:12-19), i.e., through achieving financial success. Wisdom can only be found in God’s revelation! God’s wisdom is revealed in Jesus “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.” (Colossians 2:3) True wisdom is to have the “fear of the Lord”, to honor, respect, and worship God, and this in turn will lead us “to turn away from evil” which is true understanding. May the way we seek wisdom be as if we are on a treasure hunt following an accurate map (the Bible)!

中國古語說:“書中自有黃金屋。” 這個想法深深地影響了華人,導致我們追求知識,是因為它可以成為物質成功的一種手段。 但是希伯來人更加注重智慧,因為“智慧是對知識的正確使用。” (司布真)。 智慧無法被礦採(28:1-12)- 通過上一流學府, 也無法被購買(28:12-19)- 通過財務上的成功來購買。 智慧只能在上帝的啟示中找到! 在耶穌”裏面蘊藏着一切智慧和知識。” (歌羅西書2:3)真正的智慧是“敬畏耶和華”- 尊敬,尊重和敬拜上帝,這智慧會引導我們“遠離邪惡”,這才是真正的理解。 讓我們尋求智慧的方式就好像我們正在按照準確的地圖(聖經)尋寶一樣!