Job 約伯記 8-10

Job 10:13  Yet these things you hid in your heart; I know that this was your purpose.

約伯記 10:13  然而,你把這些事藏在你心裏,我知道這是你的旨意。

God knows why things happen to us and if God doesn’t reveal to us the reason we will never know. We are also not entitled to know God’s plan. What we do know is that God is a good God and everything He has in store for us will be beneficial even if we don’t see it. By taking that into account, we should have the security and assurance in God’s character to persevere through the difficult times. Not only that but we will have to learn not to question God and His ways, as we are limited creatures and questioning and accusing God will show our distrust. (Written by Elisha Tang who is an 11th grader in our Daily Bible Devotion group)

上帝知道事情為什麼會發生在我們身上,如果上帝不向我們透露原因我們永遠不會知道的。 我們也無權知道上帝的計劃。 我們所知道的是,上帝是一位善良的上帝,即使我們無法看到,上帝為我們預備的一切是為我們的好處。 知道這一點,我們應該擁有在上帝屬性中找到的安全感和確據,以度過艱難的時刻。 不僅如此,我們還必須學會不去質疑上帝和祂的作為,因為我們是有限的受造物,質疑和指責上帝會顯示出我們的不信任。(由”每日聖經靈修小組”11年級的Elisha Tang撰寫)

Job and friends


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