5/13/20 For Such a Time as This 現今的機會


Esther 4:14 For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

以斯帖 4:14 此時你若閉口不言,猶太人必從別處得解脫,蒙拯救;你和你父家必致滅亡。焉知你得了王后的位分不是為現今的機會嗎?」

When the fate of the entire Jewish people was at stake, the pressure was put on Queen Esther. Esther was now no longer an orphan, a girl no one knew about or cared about; she was the queen of a mighty kingdom. God had put her there for such a time of crisis in the timeline of her kinsmen. Would she dare to risk her life to speak out on behalf of her people, or would she remain silent? The interesting fact is that even if Esther had kept silent, God would have sent relief and deliverance for the Jews in another way. But then Esther would have lost her opportunity to be a part of fulfilling God’s purposes! Do we know that all of the talent, wealth, fame, and influence God has given us is not simply for us to enjoy our own lives but has a purpose in the salvation of others? Do we know God’s timing for us? As our next generation is in the midst of being wiped out by the world, may we parents, and leaders in the church break the silence to take action to save our next generation!

當整個猶太人民的命運受到威脅時,以斯帖皇后承受了巨大的壓力。 以斯帖已不再是一個默默無聞的孤兒,一個沒人關心的女孩。 她是一個強大王國的王后。 上帝把她放在這樣一個悠關她民族生死的危機時刻。 她是要冒著生命危險為自己的百姓大聲疾呼,還是保持沉默? 有趣的事實是,即使以斯帖保持沉默,上帝也會以另一種方式讓猶太人”從別處得解脫,蒙拯救”。 但是,以斯帖將失去她成為實現上帝旨意的“現今的機會”! 我們是否知道上帝賦予我們的所有才能,財富,名望和影響力不僅是讓我們享受自己的生活,而是還有拯救他人的目的? 我們知道上帝給我們的”現今的機會“嗎? 由於我們的下一代正處於被世界洪流淹沒的危機時刻之中,願我們身為父母的和教會領袖打破沉默,採取行動拯救我們的下一代!

這週六5/16,2-4pm 歡迎一起來探討學習”在家教育 HomeSchooling”, 請先在網上報名!Homeschooling 是除公立學校和私立學校之外的另ㄧ種教育選項. 不是廣意的把公立學校搬到家裡, 這將是ㄧ全新的體驗和祝福!


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